In This Issue

• Letter from Board President Darin Anderson

• An interview with Grand Forks Mayor Michael R. Brown

• Technical status update

From the President’s Desk

NPN continues to move forward on key issues needed to break ground on the facility. While we always would

like the process to move more quickly, we are pleased with the progress to date.

One issue that has been gaining more attention recently is natural gas aring in the Bakken oil eld. The Minneapolis-

based StarTribune reported in an October article that natural gas “has been so secondary in North

Dakota that drillers still burn o more than a fourth of what rises from the ground.” According to the newspaper,

North Dakota ares about 28 percent of its natural gas. Texas ares less than 1 percent. North Dakota

Governor Jack Dalrymple has made it clear that he would like to see less aring and more valued added to the

state’s energy resources. Read more

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