NPN is poised to be a world-class blue nitrogen facility, projected to benefit from advantageous market location, contributing to lower carbon goals while also supporting the transition of North Dakota’s oil and gas sector. 

NPN is the most advanced fertilizer project in North Dakota, and distinguishes itself as the only project spearheaded by veterans of the fertilizer industry, ensuring unparalleled insight into production requirements and market necessities.

Pragmatic energy transition

NPN utilizes North Dakota’s abundant natural gas in combination with carbon sequestration to bridge current practices. This supports stable, cost-effective fertilizer production, while also supporting the pragmatic transition towards lower carbon intensive production.

Proximity to agricultural demand

North Dakota is a major agricultural state, with farming as one of the leading industries. The state ranks first in the production of several crops, including spring wheat, durum wheat, and canola, which require nitrogen fertilizers. Locally produced fertilizers can serve this demand more efficiently, with reduced transportation costs and emissions.

Job creation and economic growth

A nitrogen fertilizer production facility would create jobs in the region, both directly in the processing plant and indirectly in supporting industries. This would contribute to local economic growth and development.

Better control over supply and prices

Local fertilizer production would allow for better control over supply and prices, making the US less susceptible to global market fluctuations and geopolitical risks.

Stronger domestic agricultural sector

Producing nitrogen fertilizers domestically ensures a more stable and reliable supply for the US agricultural sector, which is crucial for maintaining food security and supporting the national economy.

Lower transportation costs and emissions

Producing fertilizers locally will decrease transportation distances and related costs. Moreover, shorter transportation routes would lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Underpinned by unique fertilizer expertise

The NPN project is the only project of its kind led by a team with a track record of success in the fertilizer industry, having honed their skills at companies like Simplot, EuroChem, and PotashCorp.

These fertilizer experts are not only seasoned in building and running nitrogen fertilizer plants but also in the commercial side of the business, ensuring products reach the market effectively.

The team’s experience is the engine behind NPN’s vision, driving innovation in how we produce fertilizers domestically, using the most efficient technologies, and building strong relationships across the board—from suppliers to customers.

Our leadership is key to overcoming the industry’s hurdles and seizing the opportunities that come with a changing global market. This expertise sets NPN apart, making us a leader in bringing new standards to the fertilizer industry