Strategically located in the heart of the fertile Northern Plains, home to a significant portion of U.S. agriculture, including key crops like wheat, corn, canola and soybeans. NPN’s close proximity to major nitrogen fertilizer consumers reduces transport costs and time, thus increasing supply chain efficiency.

Economic Growth and Sustainability

The NPN project has the potential to significantly contribute to local economic growth. It promises job creation and positive knock-on effects on local businesses, which in turn can spur regional development.
NPN reduces U.S. dependency on imported products, promoting national agricultural self-sufficiency.

Blue Nitrogen Production and Carbon Sequestration

Initial phase for blue nitrogen production process including capture and storage of carbon emissions, enhanced with agreements for renewable energy credits for all NPN electrical needs.
Greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the nitrogen production, aligning with international carbon neutrality goals.

Innovative and Environmentally Conscious Production

NPN will use state-of-the-art technology to produce nitrogen fertilizers, not only ensuring high production efficiency, but also aligns with increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices in the industry.
Includes plans to develop modular green hydrogen component as technology and cost improve in line with market and demand.

Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, the NPN facility is strategically located to harness local resources and infrastructure in one of the USA’s most important agricultural states.

The strategic location reduces risks and uncertainty (transportation costs, imports, trade restrictions) while driving regional development from blue fertilizer production (stranded gas reserves and CO2 sequestration).

Includes plans to develop green hydrogen modular components as technology and cost improve in line with market and demand.

Broad transportation network, optimizing logistics for state-wide distribution, which includes 320 acres and rail spur access, and plans to acquire adjacent acres for future needs and as buffer to neighbors.

The NPN team

The NPN project brings together a dynamic and diverse team of experienced professionals.

Darin Anderson

President of the Board-Managing Partner

Darin is a seasoned farmer from Valley City, ND, known for cultivating corn, soybeans, and spring wheat. His dedication extends beyond his fields with notable leadership roles including presidencies at the North Dakota Corn Growers Association and chairmanships within key agricultural organizations, underscoring his commitment to both industry and community.

Larry Mackie

Chief Operating Officer

With over five decades in the nitrogen fertilizer sector, Larry has been at the forefront of project development and operation management for industry giants like Agrium and PCS, and through his company, Mackie International. His expertise in engineering and plant operations is complemented by a proven track record in leading substantial expansions, embodying his dedication to both industry progress and professional development.

David H. Bednar

Managing Partner

As President & CEO of DHB Holdings, Inc., Roseport Resources, LLC, and Hy-Energy Systems, LLC, Mr. Bednar brings a storied expertise to the table, further enriched by director roles in companies like Magnetation, Inc. and Wolf Head Discovery and Mining, LLC. His distinguished background includes leading Continental Nitrogen & Resources Corporation and Viking Explosives LLC, contributions recognized by accolades such as the International Society of Explosives Engineers' Distinguished Service Award, all anchored by a Mining Engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines.

Admiral Bill Owens (ret.)

Managing Partner

Admiral Owens, chairing AEA Investors ASIA and leading Prometheus, Beijing, with past roles including CEO of Nortel Networks, also distinguished himself as vice-chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. His academic credentials span from the U.S. Naval Academy to Oxford and George Washington University, highlighting a career that merges military precision with corporate leadership.

Bill Whipple

Managing Partner

Mr. Whipple incorporates no-till farming practices raising corn and soybeans on his farm. Mr. Whipple earned a degree in animal science from South Dakota State University. He has been a member of the South Dakota Corn Utilization board since 2008. Mr. Whipple also served on the South Dakota Corn Growers Association board and held positions of vice president and chairman. He was also a founding director of Northern Growers LLC.

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