Clark D. Bailey

Chief Executive Officer

Clark brings a rich legacy of expertise in material science and a dedicated career in mechanical engineering to Northern Plains Nitrogen. A graduate of the University of Texas in Mechanical Engineering, he has made significant contributions to the oil, gas, chemical, and fertilizer industries with roles at EuroChem, Potash Corporation, and Fish Engineering. Clark’s career is marked by successful management of large-scale, billion-dollar projects, while emphasizing core values like safety and quality. A respected member of ASME, he is known for strategic thinking, team-building, and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Larry Mackie

Chief Operating Officer

Larry Mackie, renowned for innovative nitrogen fertilizer project development, brings over fifty years of industry experience. As president of Mackie International since 1994, he led successful projects and managed key operations including plant evaluation, engineering, and failure analysis for notable clients such as Agrium, PCS, Orica, and Topsoe. His past leadership at Simplot Canada involved overseeing a significant $200 million expansion. Holding a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba and membership in key professional associations, Larry continuously showcases his commitment to industry advancement and professional growth.

Darin Anderson

President of the Board-Managing Partner

Mr. Anderson farms near Valley City, ND, raising corn, soybeans and spring wheat. He earned a degree in Agricultural Economics from North Dakota State University. Mr. Anderson has a long record of industry and community service, including three terms as president of the North Dakota Corn Growers Association. His service includes terms as chairman of the Northern Corn Development Corporation; chairman and vice chairman of the Barnes County Marketing Club; and, chairman of the Barnes County Crop Improvement Association.

David H. Bednar

Managing Partner

Mr. Bednar currently serves as President & CEO of DHB Holdings, Inc., Roseport Resources, LLC and Hy-Energy Systems, LLC. He is also a director in Magnetation, Inc. and Wolf Head Discovery and Mining, LLC. He previously served as President & CEO of Continental Nitrogen & Resources Corporation and Viking Explosives LLC. He served as Chairman of the Institute of Makers of Explosives and as a director in the Iron Mining Association of Minnesota. He received the Distinguished Service Award from the International Society of Explosives Engineers. Mr. Bednar graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1961 with a degree in Mining Engineering.

Admiral Bill Owens (ret.)

Managing Partner

Admiral Owens is chairman of AEA Investors ASIA located in Hong Kong and executive chairman of Prometheus, Beijing. Previously, he was chief executive officer and vice chairman of Nortel Networks. Admiral Owens also serves on several boards of directors. Owens had a distinguished career in the U.S. Navy, including service as vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the second-ranking military officer in the United States. He is a 1962 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in politics, philosophy and economics from Oxford University, and a master’s degree in management from George Washington University.

Bill Whipple

Managing Partner

Mr. Whipple incorporates no-till farming practices raising corn and soybeans on his farm. Mr. Whipple earned a degree in animal science from South Dakota State University. He has been a member of the South Dakota Corn Utilization board since 2008. Mr. Whipple also served on the South Dakota Corn Growers Association board and held positions of vice president and chairman. He was also a founding director of Northern Growers LLC.