Nitrogen fertilizer, in the form of anhydrous ammonia, is produced in a chemical process that combines nitrogen from the air with hydrogen from natural gas and water.

Nitrogen is an essential element for plant, animal, and human life. According to the NDSU Extension Service, anhydrous ammonia is generally not considered to be a fl ammable hazardous product because its temperature of ignition is greater than 1,560 degrees Fahrenheit. The conditions favorable for ignition are seldom encountered during normal operations due to the high ignition temperature required. Fire hazard increases if oil or other combustible materials are present.

Safety is of the utmost concern. NPN is taking great care in planning and designing a world class facility with the latest technological advances to ensure City, County, State, and Federal regulations are met, or even exceeded. In addition, operations will be conducted by highly-trained and skilled staff members, which will be held to the same high standards as the facility itself.

The fertilizer facility will be located outside of the immediate city center, near the wastewater treatment facility. This location is able to conveniently access the grey water from the wastewater treatment facility to use as a water supply, and in return, send the liquid effl uent from the plant operations back to the wastewater treatment for processing and discharge. Good access to road and rail transportation, along with electrical power and access to a natural gas mainline, make the site selected an excellent choice for the fertilizer facility.